MIJC Officers

Officer position descriptions, duties, and election procedures can be found in the bylaws.  Normally, in odd-numbered years, we elect the president, secretary, and events coordinator.  In even-numbered years, we elect the vice president, treasurer, and safety director.  Sometimes officers wish to step down or change offices, which can lead to these offices being filled in non-standard years to fill the empty positions.  Officers serve for two-year terms with a two-consecutive-term limit per position.  Nominations for those positions are open (and closed) at the November meeting each year with elections held in December.  Our current officers are:

* Larry Haas was elected Vice President in an odd-numbered year via special election for a 1-year term to replace Larry Wilson, the former Vice President, who left that office when he was elected President in 2017.  Larry Haas was re-elected Vice President in December 2018 and will need to be replaced in December 2020.

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