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1979 CJ-5

Jon Martin

Engine: AMC 360 V8

Transmission: T-18

Transfer Case: Dana 18

Front Axle: Dana 44, Lock-Right, 4.88 gears

Rear Axle: Dana 60, welded, 4.88 gears

Suspension/Lift: IWS custom spring over axle with 2″ BDS Wrangler rear springs and front buggy springs

Tires: 37x13x16 TSL Boggers

Other Features

  • Custom Avalanche Engineering cross-over steering
  • Full roll cage
  • On-board air

1951 CJ-3A

Jon Martin

Engine: Flathead-4

Transmission: T-90

Transfer Case: Dana 18

Front Axle: Dana 25, 5.38 gears

Rear Axle: Dana 44, 5.38 gears

Suspension/Lift: 2″ lift

Tires: 33×14.50.15 TSL Boggers

Other Features

  • Roll cage
  • PTO winch

1953 Dodge M-37

Jon Martin

Engine: Inline 6

Transmission: NP420

Transfer Case: NP200

Front Axle: Chrysler Corporate, 5.89 gears

Rear Axle: Chrysler Corporate, 5.89 gears

Suspension/Lift: Stock

Tires: 11.00×16 Michelin XL

Other Features

  • Hydraulic winch
  • Interior cage
  • No reliable gauges

(updated 2/8/10)