MIJC 2009 – The Blues Brothers

Normally this would be the spot where I post memories from the production, but 2009 was the first year I kept a Production Log while we were making it.  That is by far better and more detailed than any summary I could write here.  Visit this page and work your way through the posts.  You’ll need to click the “newer entries” button at the bottom of each page, and they’ll be listed chronologically from bottom to top.

Use the player below to watch the video below.  If you want to skip around, click the little triangle on the right side of the screen and you can pick which clip you’d like to watch.  In the lower player I’ve included three of the DVD special features: Behind The Scenes, Side-By-Side, and Anatomy of an Effect.  The rest can be seen on the DVD, which is available from Jill Martin.


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